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For you this Art Gallery very Zen
Feng-shui Paintings
Original paintings impressionist Feng-shui
Package CD ANGEL OF LIFE + TWO posters A4
Posters 45 x 32 cm Feng-Shui
Package CD ATON + TWO posters A4
All the Prices indicated port included
New Feng-Shui Posters and Packages Posters Feng-shui
Copyright : Ellhëa Bernard-Baës - Art Déco Feng-shui- 2011
Modern Art ELLHEA
Use posters and paintings to raise energies of your house according to the spirit of Feng-shui
Original Paintings Modern Art Feng-shui
Original Watercolours Feng-shui
Peintures originales Dream-art
Posters 45 x 32 cm Dream-art
Original Paintings Dream-art
Legal mentions
To Expose on your premise works of art or reproductions of art which make happy Lillian TOO world specialist in Feng-Shui specifies that the rich Chinese residences are always decorated with the beautiful paintings laid out of way strategic What is this the FENG-SHUI Artist-painter professional ELLHEA has been a follower of Feng-Shui for several years. It presents to you a series of reproductions of Art, paintings, the original watercolours Feng-Shui and Zen conceived for the embellishment of your habitat and to improve circulation of positive Chi energy in your place of life, your office or your trade. Its works can be used as well for Feng-Shui of the Form, as for that of the Compass. Laid Out in the zones of Pa Kua concerned they will reinforce the symbols of each sector
Feng-shui Watercolours
Dream Posters
Feng-shui Posters
General terms
Zen paintings
The Gallery Art Deco Feng-shui and Zen presents a series of new reproductions of works to you of the artist-painter professional ELLHEA, paintings feng-shui, dream, and Zen
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